Sunday, January 11, 2009


For anyone who has ever wondered whether harvesting is an instinct or a developed trait need look no further than this post. I have answered the age old question of instinct vs learnt response by simply walking past my apple tree tonight.

This is the first year we have had apples grow on one of our apple trees. As I was wandering around outside sticky nosing in and about my garden to see what had changed since this morning, I caught a scent on the air. It was the wonderful aroma of apples - you know the smell. When you wander past the fruit shop and you just feel the urge to buy an apple, or when you open up the pantry and the smell of fruit spills out to greet you. It was this very smell of fragrant apple that made my mind instantly fly into a panic! I had the almighty sudden urge to rip the apple from the tree and scurry inside with it to hide somewhere safe and dark and cool.

I would imagine that it is this very same thought that set peasants a-gathering many many centuries ago. Of course the apples are not ripe yet, it is only the middle of summer. I dread to think how I will be come harvest time in autumn. I hope I even make it that far!

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