Sunday, January 18, 2009

Garden Photos

I was a bit trigger happy with the camera this morning:

Our first ever batch of apples. This variety is Golden Delicious

Romanesco zucchinis. They appear to be EVEN more rampant than the common black variety - Yikes!!

Our first batch of grapes - I'm pretty sure this is a green table variety

Amish Paste tomatoes - these are third generation, so they grow exceptionally well now in our garden

The completed dome on the wood fire oven. Now all that is let to do is a layer of fire blanket and rendering!

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daharja said...


How did you know how to build the wood fire oven? Did you get a kit form, or a book that you can recommend?

Garden Nut said...

Hey there Daharja - howe you?

My hubby read as many books on the subject as he could find at the library and then designed it himself. I am so proud of him, so many people have asked him who the builder really was - they don;t believe him when he insists it was all his handy work.

If I would reccomend any books though, it would be 'The Backyard Oven Book' by the Earth Garden group for the building stages.