Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spring Tides

At the moment I can feel the Spring tides rising through me like the sap is rising through our fruit trees out the back. Without rhyme nor reason, I can be found at any given spare moment digging holes, or sprinkling seeds or pulling up weeds. I actually don't think I could control myself - even if I wanted to. It's the same year in and year out, spring comes and I just have to drop everything to get busy in the garden.

Last week my daughter and I sprinkled flower seeds everywhere, hopefully summer will see sunflowers and zinnias and poppies and a dozen other types of flowers. Of course I say 'hopefully' as spring has brought about the completion of the moult for our chooks and they are now freely flying over any fence in sight to get to the aforementioned seeds

After the flower planting frenzy, I moved onto my summer edibles. I think it's too early down here for watermelons, zucchinis, snake beans and cucumbers yet, but they have been planted anyway. Ditto tomatoes...and by tomatoes, I actually planted out half of my saved seed! Corn has gone in as well. I still haven't planted all of the packets from the other week, but I have made a big dent in them.

A few days after that planting, I pulled out my seed boxes and sorted them all. As a result, the following seeds also got planted:

*Lettuce - Cos and Australian yellow leaf
*Cucumbers - Lebanese and Pickling
*Gourds - not sure on they type, maybe Bottle
*Butternut pumpkin

I also started clearing away the weeds from down where the chicken coop was last year. I can now attest to how well plants grow on chook poo - these weeds were like prehistoric creatures that fought valiantly as I hacked them from the earth. This patch is where I am going to plant the bulk of my pumpkins this year. They can just ample all over the place down there without the fear of them engulfing the rest of the garden, or any small children for that matter...

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daharja said...

Youre telling me about spring tides! I'm like a female canine in oetrus at the moment, to put it politely!

I'll blame it on the time of year...