Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December 2006

20th December

So what has been happening? Well we are eating a LOT of Silverbeet. And I picked our first Zucchinis today. There are many green tomatoes on the seedlings I bought, and yesterday I found my first tomato on my home grown plants!

Now for a bizarre tale, the little black hen that went missing, we actually got back! On the weekend after she went missing, my hubby comes flying inside at 6am and announces he can hear her (she has a very distinctive call). So my hubby scales the fence and crawls 3 doors down to where there is another house that also keeps hens - and there she is!!!! The hubby grabs her and runs. It was like Xmas to see the look on the kids faces when their magnificent daddy shows them the chook through the window. So we pop her back in with the other hens THEN we notice that her wings had been clipped! The rotten buggers had clipped both of them to prevent her from flying back over the fence Not happy Jan! On a sad note though, we only had her back briefly, her prolapse came back in the heat and she became fly blown and died a few days ago. At least the kids had her back for a short while longer and were able to sit with her and say good bye. ____________________________________________________________________

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