Saturday, September 13, 2008

And So The Insanity Continues...

It was wonderfully warm today - warm enough to wear a t shirt at 8.30 in the morning. Warm enough to lay in the grass and make pictures in the clouds. And warm enough to bury my hands in the dirt once again. I planted the following seeds today:

*Sweet delight capsicum
*Hot chilli pepper
*Bush champion cucumber
*Hale's best rockmelon
*Sweetie tomatoes

I finally finished weeding the monster weeds down the back and planted in all my pumpkin seeds: Jen's bush pumpkin, Kent and an unknown variety that I saved from a pumpkin a few years back.

The celery seedlings got planted, so did my one remaining passionfruit and two alpine strawberries. Last, but not least, I planted out two heads of garlic.

Now I just need to hook up my greywater system to the washing machine, and I should have enough water for it all...

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