Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tomato Seedlings!!

Well the first of my Amish Paste tomatoes have arisen from the seedling trays. They are snug and secure tucked away in my hothouse for the time being. There really is nothing like the first tomato plant of the season. I can already smell the heavy scent of tomatoes that hangs in the heat of hot summer days.

My Snake beans on the other hand have shot from the ground like something has sneaked up behind and scared the living daylights out of them. Overnight they have gone from rows of green handles to great big plants raising their arms to worship the sun. I can't wait to plant these out. Last year my father inlaw grew them and they really do hang from their vines like little green snakes.

[sigh] And now I just have to sit on my hands and wait - it really is too cold to plant them all out just yet...really...it is...[resist the urge]...I...must...not...plant...yet.


daharja said...

Mmmmmmm...home grown tomatoes. I'm with Jackie French when she says there hasn't been a decent tomato sold in a shop for over a decade. As for apricots, well!

Which brings me to -I notice you have her 'Chook Book' on your Shelfari shelf. Is it any good? Last time I had anthing to do with keeping chooks I was a kid, and I need a refresher book that is beginner-ish, but not too beginner-ish, if you get my drift. And if it's not really suitable, what can you recommend, if any?

Garden Nut said...

Jackie's book is quite good. It is very basic though - but full of her optimissism that makes you just want to run out and buy some chooks. Backyard Poultry by Alannah Moore is a much better book though if you are looking for a more thorough guide.

daharja said...

Ah! I'll check out the Moore book. But yes, I love Jackie French. Her books are wonderful.

Thanks for the tip.