Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spring is Here - and the July Cold

Yesterday we had a severe frost. It was so cold in the morning that the day never fully warmed up - even though we had clear skies. Last night was even colder. Thankfully the frost wasn't as bad this morning though. Yet I feel I shouldn't be saying that. After all it is July - which is usually our coldest month. But I am selfish and I want my peach flowers to survive.

Peaches - that brings me to another problem with this years weather. I have two varieties of peaches. One is a white peach, the other a yellow fleshed one. White peaches are traditionally the early variety. Not this year though. My late Golden Queen is in full blossom as we speak. My white Anzac variety is still dormant. Last year I remember waiting ever so long to get my first tantalising taste of the Golden Queen, and this was long after the abundant glut of the Anzac.

I wonder how our garden will fare this year. I wonder how much food we will get. I know an early season is great for growing annuals such as pumpkins and tomatoes - but what will become of our perennials?

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daharja said...

The six weeks after midwinter are traditionally the coldest and most severe of the year. But Imbolc is here, and we're already seeing blossom on the bough :-)

We've just had three straight days of rain, and the waterfalls are flowing where I didn't know waterfalls would! The earth is waterlogged, and everything is saturated. I'm loving it, having moved here from a drought-ridden country, but the locals are finding it hard. And it IS cold.

Still, I'm longing for summer, and the first ripe berries of the season...

So lets raise a glass to SPRING! The Maiden is on her way, I'm sure I can feel her footsteps...