Monday, July 7, 2008

7th July 2008

I suspect Spring is coming early this year. I saw a whole street lined with blossom laden trees a couple of weeks ago. Then, in the last week, all the wattle has come out. It's a worry. Wattle should come out first, but not until August or September. The blossom should follow a few weeks after that. Some of my fruit trees have buds that are starting to swell - and leaves that haven't yet dropped from this season past.

July is notoriously the coldest month of the year. We pass the shortest day back in late June, with the assumption that the weather will slowly warm with the increasing length in daylight hours. This just isn't the case. July comes on Midwinter's heels like a bat out of hell. Biting back hard with frosts, anything that dares to raise their heads to the light. I worry what will happen if everything does burst forward into Spring glory. Will the frosts come late and cut everything down?

I think I will cover everything in plastic this year, at least until September - maybe even October.

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