Wednesday, January 2, 2008

May 2007

2nd May

White Milo was killed last night My brother inlaw came round with a trap and it will be set to try and catch whatever it is that is trying to kill all the chooks.


5th May

**Yep, I've planted MORE seeds:

20 Mesclun Lettuce Mix

20 Hearts Ease

20 Delphinium

50 Corncockle

50 Flanders Poppy

20 Stock

20 Linaria

20 Brocolli

I plan to use all these flowers to line our chicken wire fences and to create a cottage garden in the front yard (although my hubby is none the wiser He's not really into flowers. My Father inlaw bought us 2 large and 4 small pineapple plants at an auction for us today! I have no idea where we will put them although whispers of a Sunroom are starting to emerge


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