Monday, December 31, 2007

August 2006

8th August

**I poisoned blackberries - I still feel bad for using chemicals - but geez it feels nice to know that soon they will be GONE!! ______________________________________________________________________

16th August

**This weekend I shopped. I went to a whole heap of markets and purchased the following: 2 kilos seed potatoes (pontiac) Sultana Grape Ginger Snake Bean Seeds I also received a choko plant from a friend. I spent Monday morning planting them (except the potatoes which need to be placed in a dark cupboard for a week before planting) all. I also planted some new tomato, corn, capsicum and flower seeds. ______________________________________________________________________

18th August

**Well the milk bottles round plants is working a treat! I have planted silverbeet, lettuce, celery and brocolli, all the ones that the snails usually LOVE! Out of approximately 40 seedings, I have lost 3 plants, and one of those was not from snails either!! Can you tell I'm, excited? Something else I have discovered with using milk bottles to protect seedlings - it seems to prevent frost damage because a microclimate is created. All the plants are growing quicker than I have ever seen down here in cold Melbourne too - most exciting! *EDIT* I am now having a HUGE problem with sparrows eating my lettuces - dunno how to prevent that - any ideas? ______________________________________________________________________ 23rd August

**So I discovered couch grass growing in one of our vegie gardens (I thought the chooks had erradicated it). Later on today I'm going to try this:

Natural Weed Killer

1 Cup Salt
8 drops Liquid Detergent
1 Gallon Vinegar or 3.8 litres (approx.)

*Mix salt and vinegar in a pan over low heat until salt dissolves. Remove from heat and add detergent. Once cool enough, put misture into a spray bottle and spray affected plants. Warning: This will kill any plant it comes in contact with.

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